When Is It Time To Visit a Chiropractor?

Thirty one million Americans experience low-back pain at any given time according to the American Chiropractic Association. That is roughly one out of ten people who will experience or have back pain. When does this pain warrant a trip to their local chiropractor? A good rule of thumb to follow is once it begins to affect your ability to perform normal daily activities. Majority of people ignore their pain assuming that it is not serious enough for them to seek chiropractic care.  Here are four tips to follow to know when to visit your chiropractor:

  1. When you have back or neck pain lasting more than three days
  2. When you have difficulty sleeping at night due to headaches, neck and back pain
  3. When you have pain that is radiating (or moving) away from the point of pain
  4. When you have reduced range of motion of the neck or back, especially when its caused by pain and muscle spasms

Pain is not normal and you shouldn’t ignore it. Be sure to take care of your body and seek chiropractic care when you are experiencing pain. Don’t be hesitant to visit your local chiropractor.





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