Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Shoveling snow can create disaster on the musculoskeletal system. American Chiropractic Association suggests the following tips for staying safe while shoveling snow this winter:

  • If you must shovel snow, be careful. Listen to weather forecasts so you can rise early and have time to shovel before work without being rushed.
  • Layer clothing to keep your muscles warm and pliable.
  • Shoveling can strain “de-conditioned” muscles all over your body. So, do some warm-up stretches before grabbing that shovel.
  • When shoveling, push the snow straight ahead. Avoid sudden twisting and turning motions. Don’t try to throw it. Walk it to the snow bank.
  • Bend your knees to lift when shoveling. Let the muscles of your legs and arms do the work, not your back.
  • Take frequent breaks to rest to take the strain off your muscles. A fatigued body asks for injury.
  • Stop if you feel chest pain, or get really tired or have shortness of breath. You may need immediate professional help.
  • After any of these activities, if you are sore, apply an ice bag to the affected area for 20 minutes, then take it off for a couple of hours. Repeat twice a day over the next day or two.


If you continue to feel soreness, pain or strain after following these tips, consider visiting your local chiropractor.



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