Athletes Jumped Higher With Chiropractic!

Athletes with ankle problems had improved jumping performance after receiving chiropractic care in a new pilot study. Compared to patients in a sham group, those who received chiropractic adjustments were able to jump higher after just three weeks. If the results of the study are confirmed in future research, chiropractic adjustments could be recommended as a beneficial treatment for athletes with ankle dysfunction.

Ankle and foot injuries account for 16-30% of all sports injuries, resulting in significant loss of playing time and medical costs. Within the ankle are several joints collectively called the ankle complex or the talocrural joint. Chiropractors and other manual therapists frequently use traction, high-velocity, low amplitude manipulation of talocrural joint to alleviate ankle and foot injuries. Despite the popularity of such treatments, there has been little scientific research on the effects of ankle adjustments in athletes.

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